Corporate Alliance Partnership Program At Broward College


The Corporate Alliance Partnership (CAP) builds comprehensive, mutually beneficial relationships with employers to grow a stronger Broward community. Starting with a simple business relationship between a company and the college, CAP converts that contact into a sustainable partnership that aligns students to employers and builds a workforce pipeline to bridge the skills gap. The CAP model is built from a cross-functional team throughout the college that have significant connections with the employer community. The team follows the model of accountability and goal achievement outlined in The Four Disciplines of Execution, 4DX by McChesney, Covey and Huling, 2012. A successful CAP program is focused upon three key areas: 1) make the program comprehensive, 2) ensure it is mutually beneficial, and 3) target labor market needs. Last year the net revenue generated from the skilled nursing training through continuing education was $250,000, a direct result of the MOU with Memorial Health System. Those funds were allocated in the college budget to support other academic and student success initiatives. This low cost, high reward relationship building tool has revolutionized how the college approaches corporate training, continuing education, career center services, internships and onsite enrollment services.

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