Chancellor's Best Practice Awards Submission Criteria

Criteria for Submission

To be considered for the Chancellor’s 2017 Best Practices Awards, applicants must submit a short video (3 minutes or less in length) highlighting the key components of the best practices program based upon its sustainability, innovation, improvement, evaluation, impact, and recognition (see Program Submission Form). Additionally, submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Program or strategy has been in operation at the Florida College System institution for at least six months.

  • Program has met or will set new standards or introduce innovative practices.

  • Program has or will lead to quality or process improvement, improved efficiency, lowered costs or address a challenge the institution is facing.

  • Program outcomes have been or will be evaluated and documented. Provide examples of the improvements that have been made.

  • Program has or will show results that are sustainable over a period of time.

  • Program has or will have broad impact and provides benefits to educational practice that are adaptable beyond the current setting in which it will be implemented.

Program Submission Form: Click Here

For any questions relating to Chancellor’s Best Practice Awards, please contact Dr. Angela Long, Director of Learning, Innovation and Success at or via phone at 850-245-9481.