Educational Attainment Toolkit


Infographics are an excellent way to make the case for educational attainment in Florida by visually transforming data and information into captivating imagery. These Florida attainment infographics contain a number of key data points that will resonate with audiences, including: a summary of why attainment is important to Florida, historical trends regarding attainment in Florida compared to the United States attainment rates at the county level, quantification of how many credentials are needed to close the skills gap by 2025, key drivers of educational attainment, and a summary of best practices curated through the RISE to 55 initiative. These infographics are supplemented by a PowerPoint presentation.
Available for Download:

   What is Attainment                Tracking Florida's            Attainment at the County
                                                             Progress                          Level Infographic

    Closing the Skills                      Key Drivers of                     Sharing Drivers of
               Gap                                    Attainment                             Attainment

  Presentation on Attainment   


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