2018-19 Performance Funding Model

The 2016 Florida Legislature codified the Florida College System Performance-Based Incentive program into s.1001.66, Florida Statutes, effective July 1, 2016. The law awards a performance-based incentive to Florida College System institutions using performance-based measures adopted by the State Board of Education. The law requires the model include four measures: (1) Retention Rates, (2) Completion Rates, (3) Job Placement/Continuing Education rates, and (4) Entry-Level Wages. It also requires the State Board of Education to adopt a rule to administer the program, develop benchmarks for evaluation of institutional performance, establish minimum requirements to receive state investment funds, and monitor colleges with performance improvement plans. The current rule for the legislation was approved by the State Board of Education on July 17, 2017.

Model Point Summary

The model includes a maximum of 40 points per institution,with all four measures having a maximum point value of 10 points.

Colleges are placed into categories based on their point totals:
  • Gold: Colleges one (1) standard deviation or higher above the system mean
  • Silver: Colleges between one (1) standard deviation below and one (1) standard deviation above the system mean
  • Bronze: Colleges between 20 points and one (1) standard deviation below the system mean
  • Purple: Colleges below 20 points
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Each college has the opportunity to earn points in one of two ways, either by meeting an Improvement benchmark or an Excellence benchmark. The Improvement benchmark compares a college’s current year data to prior year data, with college’s earning points by improving on their own performance. The Excellence benchmark compares a college’s current year data to either prior year, system-wide data (Completion Rates and Retention Rates), or criterion-referenced comparisons to data from the college’s local service area (Job Placement/Continuing Education and Completer Entry-Level Wages). A college's performance for each measure is determined by using the higher score between the Improvement or Excellence benchmark scores, which is then doubled, assigned the proper weight, and added together with the other measures.

Detailed summaries of each measure, including information on data sources, cohorts, benchmark definitions, and point values:
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Investments & Allocations

For the 2018-19 year, the Legislature and Governor provided $60 million of General Revenue for performance funding. Of this $60 million, $30 million is the result of additional state investments in the Florida College System and $30 million in institutional investments is provided by withholding a proportional amount of revenue from each college’s base funding. 

Colleges are eligible for a state investment if their final score (point total) is higher than one (1) standard deviation below the mean score (silver and gold categories). The proportional share is determined by multiplying the state investment by the college’s percent of prior-year, recurring General Revenue compared to the total prior-year, recurring General Revenue for all colleges. Those colleges whose final score is less than one (1) standard deviation below the mean score, do not receive a state investment. Those colleges whose final score is higher than one (1) standard deviation above the mean score (gold category) will receive both their proportional share of the state’s investment and a point-total indexed proportional share of the of the state’s investment that otherwise would have been available to colleges beneath one (1) standard deviation below the mean score (i.e. colleges not eligible to receive a state investment.)

In this model, a college’s institutional investment is not automatically restored when their final score (point total) is less than 20 points. A college in this category must submit a performance improvement plan. 

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Program Improvement Plans

Colleges whose institutional investment is not automatically restored (i.e. final score of less than 20 points) shall prioritize one or more of the Florida College System performance-based incentive measures where college performance warrants improvement: Retention Rates; Completion Rates; Job Placement/Continuing Education; and Entry-Level Wages. These colleges will be given the opportunity to recapture state funds that have been withheld by developing and effectively implementing a program improvement plan that includes strategies and activities designed to improve the institution’s performance. The plan must focus on specific activities where measurable and verifiable progress can be made within a single year. In 2018-19, no colleges were required to implement a program improvement plan.

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