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Workgroup Materials

To guide the work of the Florida Mathematics Re-Design Workgroups, the following toolkit was adapted from the University of Texas at Austin, Dana Center Mathematics Pathways, State-Level Math Task Force Toolkit

Florida Mathematics Re-Design Workgroups Milestone & Template Toolkit.

Milestone 1: Defining the Challenges

Survey results from Milestone 1, where challenges with implementing mathematics pathways were identified by workgroup participants. 

Milestone 2: Prioritizing the Challenges

Identifying the top challenges related to mathematics pathways re-design implementation the workgroups will focus on throughout the year.

Milestone 3: Gathering Information

Examining data and information to clearly define the challenges associated with implementing mathematics pathways. 

Milestone 4-5: Identifying and Prioritizing Solutions

Brainstorming and evaluating potential solutions to the challenges previously identified, followed by prioritizing solutions that are bold and visionary as well as practical and achievable.