Student Success Center

Resources and Data

The Florida College System has a world-renowned data infrastructure ideally suited to supporting the work of the Florida Student Success Center. Colleges submit student level data throughout the academic year that allows for advanced analysis of student retention, progression, success, and graduate outcomes. Our goal as a system is to move from transactional reporting to transformational analytics. Data informed decision making facilitates our efforts to promote student readiness, access, and success at our colleges. 

Business Intelligence Tools

The Florida Student Success Center is building off of the work already undertaken in four business intelligence tools. Current tools include:

  • Florida’s Pk-20 Educational Information Portal (EdStats). EdStats connects people with reports and statistical information about: (1) PK-12 Public Schools, (2) Florida College System, (3) Outcomes Data, and (4) Workforce Data. Each of the four areas provides access to standard and interactive reports that provide overall and demographic information in a variety of formats including graphs, tables, maps and custom reports based on your interests in education-related data.
  • Florida College Graduates Succeed. Located within Florida’s Pk-20 Educational Information Portal (EdStats), Florida College Graduates Succeed is an online business intelligence tool designed for Florida College System (FCS) administrators to access employment and earnings information on FCS college graduates. The source of these data is the Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP) which provides follow-up statistics on students, and the Bureau of PK-20 Education Reporting and Accessibility (PERA). The data are separated into three categories: (1) Student Completion Rates, (2) Continuing Education/Employment, and (3) Earnings.
  • Graduate Outcomes Data Dashboard. The Graduate Outcomes Dashboard highlights system, college, and award level employment and continuing education data for Florida College System graduates. Filters allow users to manipulate the dashboards by college, year, methodology (standard wage analysis or FCS performance funding wage analysis, see data notes), specific employment and continuing education outcomes, and average or mean wage.


The Florida Student Success Center provides evidence based state research to support student success.

  • Center for Postsecondary Success- Mathematics Pathways in the Florida College System. A recent Center for Postsecondary Success report (February 2018) investigated math pathways by examining Associate in Arts (AA) students’ course taking behavior and success in Intermediate Algebra (MAT1033) and College Algebra (MAC1105), as well as their degree completion in the Florida College System. The report did not find evidence that taking MAT1033 as a prerequisite to MAC1105 increased the likelihood of passing the gateway course (MAC1105), and for some students taking MAT1033 as a prerequisite may actually decrease the likelihood of passing the gateway course. Further, the report found that enrolling in MAT1033 was associated with a lower likelihood of earning a degree within two years, a result of additional coursework beyond the minimum AA requirements.

Student Resource

  • A tool conceptualized, developed and administered by the Florida College System Foundation in partnership with the LINCS Consortium led by Broward College and supported by the U.S. Department of Labor grant. The website is a one-stop resource for students to explore the programs at colleges of interest, obtain information about the related occupation(s) and explore current career opportunities.

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