Gulf Coast State College Professor Fleida Ellis

Not sure which program or major to enter? You aren't alone! Take a look at the Academic Meta Majors. They help students narrow down higher education options according to desired subject and industry. Students may also find the Degree Finder useful to find online distance learning programs from across the state!

Associate in Arts Degree

The Associate in Arts degree, comprised of 60 credit hours, is designed for seamless transfer to upper-division coursework. This “2+2” system guarantees associate degree graduates admission to a state university or baccalaureate degree-granting Florida College System institution.

Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science Degrees

Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degrees are offered in career and technical education fields. These programs prepare students for employment and also provide opportunities for transfer to related bachelor’s degree programs.

College Credit Certificate

As part of associate in science programs, colleges also offer College Credit Certificates. These programs can typically be completed in one year and provide technical skills in specific areas.

Applied Technology Diploma

As part of associate in science programs, colleges also offer Applied Technology Diplomas. These programs provide entry-level courses in specific areas.

Advanced Technical Certificate

Advanced Technical Certificates are designed for individuals who have already completed a degree (at least an associate degree) and are seeking advanced, specialized preparation in a particular career field to supplement their degree.

Career and Technical Certificate

Programs of career and technical instruction consisting of clock hour components that provide technical skills in workforce areas, including agriculture, architecture, arts and AV, business, education, health, IT, manufacturing and public safety.

Bachelor’s Degree

Many of our colleges now offer bachelor’s degrees! Also called a baccalaureate degree, these degrees are awarded to students who successfully complete a college’s undergraduate curriculum – typically four years of full-time coursework. The Florida College System offers Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees in select program areas with demonstrated workforce needs (e.g. education, nursing, management and information technology). View a list of program offerings. (Excel, 62KB)

Certificate of Professional Preparation

A Certificate of Professional Preparation prepares baccalaureate degree holders for licensure, certification, credentialing, examinations or other demonstrations of competency necessary for entry into professional occupations.

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